CFOM is hosting a panel talk based on Chris Paterson’s new book

‘Reporters under Threat:
A discussion of when democracies attack the press’ (Pluto Press)

17th November 2014, 5pm

War Reporters Under Threat describes the threat of violence facing war reporters from the United States government and some of its closest allies. Chris Paterson argues that what should have been the lesson for the press following the invasion of Iraq – that they will be treated instrumentally by the US government – has been mostly ignored.

The panel will include:

Chris Paterson (School of Media and Communication at the University of Leeds, and is a former television news photographer)
Professor Jackie Harrison (Chair of the Centre for Freedom of the Media, University of Sheffield)
Aidan White (Journalist and Director of the Ethical Journalism Network)
William Horsley (the international director of the Centre for Freedom of the Media and media freedom representative of the Association of European Journalists)
Nicholas Tsagourias (Professor of International Law, University of Sheffield)

Posted: 7 November 2014