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CFOM attends UNESCO’s Internet for Trust Conference

Mar 6, 2023

By Stef Pukallus and Jackie HarrisonCFOM attended UNESCO’s Internet for Trust Conference from 21-23 February in Paris. It was a multi-stake holder conference to discuss the current version of UNESCO’s draft guidelines on how to regulate the Internet. The over 4000...

A Ukrainian journalist’s record of 9 months of war

Nov 23, 2022

Sergiy Tomilenko (pictured left), head of Ukraine’s National Union of Journalists, tells how he and his colleagues risk their lives to report the realities of Russia’s aggressive war: the bombardment of cities and hateful Russian propaganda; how Russian troops try to...

Calling out Kashmir’s media silence

Dec 4, 2020

Rachael Jolley talks to Kashmiri journalist Bilal Hussain about why the international community needs to act. “The moment you talk about it, it makes a difference. It does make a difference. It does put a pressure on, because if nobody talks about it, they think that...