The CFOM podcast has launched! The podcast is presented by CFOM’s Impact Fellow, Gemma Horton, and produced by Anna Jones. Each episode features guests who talk to us about their work and research surrounding media freedom and journalism safety from around the globe. 

In this first episode of the CFOM podcast, we talk to Jackie Harrison, UNESCO Chair on Media Freedom, Journalism Safety and the Issue of Impunity and chair and founder of CFOM. Jackie tells us more about the work of the centre and why it is important to speak up about issues of media freedom. 

We also speak to Gill Phillips, the incoming co-author of McNae’s Essential Law for Journalism, the definitive legal text for practicing journalists. She talks through her career as a legal advisor at the BBC and the Guardian and discusses some of the biggest threats facing journalism today.

You can listen to the podcast and follow us on Spotify here