On the 8th March 2019, United Nations Cinema screened Under The Wire in partnership with The British Museum in London to mark International Women’s Day.

Under The Wire, based on photo journalist Paul Conroy’s book by the same title, documents his and war-correspondent Marie Colvin’s efforts to cover the plight of civilians’ struggle for survival in the city of Homs in war-torn Syria. Marie did not return from Syria.

The session was followed by a panel session, where Paul was joined by the producer of the film, Chris Martin, and CFOM’s Jackie Harrison. UNESCO Chair on Media Freedom, Journalism Safety and Issues of Impunity. The importance of accurate journalism, bearing witness and getting the story out there were of particular importance to the panel, with Jackie remarking that “Accuracy and sincerity go hand in hand to get to truthfulness, which might change over time. That’s what journalism is all about. It doesn’t bleach out the humanity, so that you make it cold and dispassionate.”

For further information on the event, visit the UNRIC page here.