Our eighth annual International Journalism Week, taking place from 11 to 15 November 2019, addresses issues related to media research and practice from a global perspective, focusing on media freedom, journalism safety, issues of impunity, propaganda and fact. The week provides journalism students with a wide range of expertise and insights from frontline journalists and acknowledged experts concerning seen and unseen threats to free, independent journalism today.

To commemorate International Day to End Impunity which was established through United Nations General Assembly resolution A/RES/68/163 in 2013, CFOM organises sessions throughout International Journalism Week that addresses core issues for journalists related to impunity and a lack of access to impartial justice.

These sessions include (on 11 November) the lecture ‘Guarding the Guardians: The UN’s Evolving Approach to Protecting Journalists’ by Sejal Parmar, assistant professor of law at Central European University; a film screening (on 13th) of ‘Under The Wire’, documenting the fateful 2012 mission of Paul Conroy and Marie Colvin to report on the plight of civilians trapped in the city of Homs under siege from the Syrian army; and an expert panel on ‘Seen and Unseen Barriers to Media Freedom’ (on 14 November), which will explore the practical limitations to reporting and the dangers of impunity in three contemporary environments – with presentations by Maria Ordzhonikidze of Justice for Journalists (Russia), Dr Sanae Fujita of Essex University’s Human Rights Centre (Japan) and Jon Silverman, Professor of Media and Criminal Justice at University of Bedfordshire (West Africa).

For more information see the full programme here.