Members from CFOM are set to take part in the Safety of Journalists: Protecting media to protect democracy High Level Conference in Vienna, Austria on the 3-4 November 2022. CFOM was asked to lead the academic consultation on the implementation of the UNPA on the occasion of its tenth anniversary in 2022. It has done so via the Journalism Safety Research Network (JSRN) and its UNESCO Chair on Media Freedom, Journalism Safety and the Issue of Impunity (established at the University of Sheffield in 2018). The academic consultation included three rounds of discussions with 75 academics from across the world alongside a literature stocktake on issues of journalism safety and impunity. More information on CFOM’s involvement with the UNPA and the academic consultation can be found here.

An overview of the findings of the consultation will be presented by UNESCO Chair Jackie Harrison at the Pre-Conference on 3 November. CFOM’s International Director, William Horsley, will also be taking part at the Pre-Conference on a panel concerning Monitoring and Reporting of Attacks. CFOM’s Education Director, Lada Price, and CFOM’s Impact Fellow, Gemma Horton, will also be in attendance at the Pre-Conference workshops. The Pre-Conference meeting’s recommendations will be reported to Ministers at the High-Level Conference on 4 November. More information can be found here.