The Migration Reserach Group and the Centre for Freedom of the Media are hosting a joint event on ‘Migration in the Media’. The event will take place in Lecture Theatre 2, The Diamond, University of Sheffield on Wednesday 6 December from 4-6pm and will be followed with a drink’s reception. 

From ‘bogus asylum seekers’ in the early 2000s, to EU migrant workers in the run up to the Brexit referendum, and people crossing the Channel in small boats today, news media is intensely interested in reporting stories on migration. Research shows that this reporting is so often inaccurautae and inflamatory. People who have moved to the UK are represented as a threat to public serices, to security, to women, to children, to ‘our way of life’. At the same time, there are critical voices in the media, who are seeking to challenge the government and expose the realities of migration and the harms of the immigration and asylum system. At this panel event we will disucss the challenges of shifting the media narrative.


Nicola Kelly, Journalist, The Guardian

Matt Dathan, The Times

Tesfalem Yemane, Researcher, University of Liverpool

Abdalle Mumin, Journalist in Exile and Researcher, University of York

Dr. Ekaterina Balabanova, Professor of Politics and the Media, University of Liverpool