Journalists/ism in Exile Events 

CFOM and the Hub for the Study of Hybrid Communication in Peacebuilding (HCPB) have hosted online events focusing on journalists/ism in exile. Their panel events provide a space for researchers from academia and civil society organisations to come together and discuss the threats that journalists face when they are in exile.

Living in exile does not mean living in safety as transnational repression is a widespread phenomenon that puts journalists and their families at the risk of online and offline attacks. Overall, it is fair to argue that journalists’ experience in exile is best understood via three levels:

a. Journalists as individuals, citizens, humans (issues such as passports, visa, travel permission, working permit, working opportunities and forced change of profession, provisions for family in home country or to follow journalist into exile)
b. Journalists taking on the role of human rights defenders (protection in this role, giving voice etc)
c. News organisations in exile (funding, sustainability, protection in terms of security – physical and digital)

The panel events aim to conceptualise journalists/-ism in exile as a form of forced migration and discuss what potential protection provisions and mechanisms that address the above three levels could look like and how they can best be devised.  

    Journalism Safety and UNESCO’s surprising exclusion of journalists/ism in exile from its safety agenda

    Professor Jackie Harrison, UNESCO Chair on Media Freedom, Journalism Safety and the Issue of Impunity

    Towards a Conceptualisation of Exile Journalism: A study of East African and Latin American journalists’ norms and practices in exile 

    Louisa Esther, PhD Candidate at University College Cork

    Russian journalism in exile: challenges and opportunities 

    Dr Ilya Yablokov, Lecturer in Digital Journalism and Disinformation, University of Sheffield 

    A Light That Cannot Be Extinguished: Exiled Journalism and Transnational Repression

    Jessica White, Senior Research Analyst, Freedom House