With an increasing number of news platforms and organisations providing various forms of news services, and the constant re-cycling of news (and opinions), the issues of what constitutes an appropriate regulatory environment (or even if there is to be one at all) is constantly being discussed and debated. Current debates concern whether or not regulation of all online platforms is possible, alongside the role that social media companies can or should play in tackling fake news. Self-regulation of the press is also a current topical debate, particularly so in the United Kingdom since the conclusion of the Leveson Inquiry, whereas there are concerns that in other countries, legislation stifles journalists’ media freedom through increasing censorship laws. The role that the law plays in protecting journalists and their freedom of speech is important in ensuring that they can act as the fourth estate and a watchdog and therefore it is imperative to fight to ensure these conditions are met.

CFOM Research in this Area

CFOM has worked with a number of partners in this area. The following demonstrates the work they have committed in this area, alongside the projects they have led:

  • CFOM led a research project examining the complaints handling procedure of the Independent Press Standards’ Organisation (IPSO) and how it differed from its predecessor, the Press Complaints Commission (PCC). 

CFOM Researchers on Legal and Editorial Standards

William Horsley

Dr Gemma Horton

Dr Irini Katsirea