What is Monitoring?

It is widely recognised that journalism safety is imperative as a prerequisite for sustainable and human rights-centred development. If journalists cannot undertake their work freely then their watchdog role is hindered. As research has shown, journalists are often targeted because of the work that they do in holding power to account and exposing corruption. Attacks against journalists can be carried out in a variety of societies, such as during times of conflict or democratisation, to name but two. In order for us to understand the complexity of these attacks and the nature of them, it is important for us to monitor and keep track of them. Read more about why monitoring is important here.

CFOM and Monitoring

Since 2018, CFOM has been involved with Free Press Unlimited (FPU) in conducting research into monitoring. By bringing together interdisciplinary research expertise from the Department of Journalism Studies and the Department of Computer Science at the University of Sheffield, the research project into monitoring takes stock of the extensive knowledge base developed over time within civil society organisations concerning the monitoring of abuses against journalists. Click the button below to read more on CFOM’s work on the project over the last several years.

CFOM members have also been involved in the development of an early warning system and a dashboard to monitor the online abuse of women journalists and examine how online attacks can lead to offline abuse. Click below to read more.