CFOM monitors and supports the community of Russian exiled media professionals who found shelter in the EU and post-Soviet countries. It carries out regular monitoring activities helping communicate the issues of the community to the stakeholders – governments and donors – as well as organises training exercises.


The projects seeks to understand the critical issues of the community of Russian media professionals forced into exiled after the start of the Russian invasion to Ukraine in 2022. It aims to explore what are the challenges and opportunities of the media professionals in the spheres of funding, technologies, audiences inside and outside Russia, relations with their host countries as well as intracommunity relations. The project also aims to support exiled media professionals with training to smooth their work in the new environment.


In February-March 2024 CFOM will organise a three-day long training for Russian media professionals to develop editorial guidelines suitable for working in exile in the EU. Russian exiled media very often work at the maximum capacity of their resources and have no chance to develop the codes of conduct which would be suitable for new legal and cultural environments. The newly developed editorial guidelines would help them:
a) secure funding from donors
b) minimise risk of unverified or damaging information
c) provide quality coverage of the conflict in Ukraine
d) provide smoother integration of new staff
e) protect staff in case of conflicts of interest.