CFOM monitors and supports the community of Russian exiled media professionals who found shelter in the EU and post-Soviet countries. It carries out regular monitoring activities helping communicate the issues of the community to the stakeholders – governments and donors – as well as organises training exercises.


The projects seeks to understand the critical issues of the community of Russian media professionals forced into exiled after the start of the Russian invasion to Ukraine in 2022. It aims to explore what are the challenges and opportunities of the media professionals in the spheres of funding, technologies, audiences inside and outside Russia, relations with their host countries as well as intracommunity relations. The project also aims to support exiled media professionals with training to smooth their work in the new environment.


In March 2024 Ilya Yablokov (University of Sheffield) and Elisabeth Schimpfossl (Aston University) ran a two day workshop for the Russian exiled media aimed at the development of editorial guidelines. The group of media professionals and academics focused in their discussions on the peculiar changes that occurred within the journalistic community in relation to the principles of journalism amidst the war in Ukraine.

The group set the goal to develop the skeleton of universal editorial guidelines that could help exiled journalists from across the post-socialist world and beyond to apply them and resolve tough editorial issues.