The new episode of the CFOM podcast has just launched. In episode two, we talk to Lucy Westcott, director of the Emergencies Department at the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) a role which sees her supporting and advising reporters in some of the most dangerous situations of all.

Lucy told us how her background in journalism – as a writer for outlets including Newsweek and The Atlantic and as a UN correspondent – exposed her to the vital work of the CPJ. 

She explained how the defintiion of “threats” has evolved to encompass the “devastating” impact of online harassment, and the need for all journalists to take preventative steps to protect themselves from digital attacks.

Lucy also tells us what a watershed moment the Covid pandemic was for journalists, with many having to report a threat on their own doorstep for the first time, and how the CPJ stepped in to offer support.

You can listen to the podcast and follow by clicking the link below!

The CFOM podcast is hosted by Impact Fellow, Gemma Horton, and produced by Anna Jones.