William Horsley, CFOM’s International Director, has authored a Guidebook on Safety of Journalists for the 56 participating States of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

The book was presented on the occasion of the OSCE Ministerial Council in Vilnius, Lithuania, on 5 December 2011 by Lithuanian Foreign Minister, Andronius Azubalis, and the OSCE’s Representative on Freedom of the Media, Dunja Mijatovic.

Mr Azubalis said of the Guidebook “I commend it to every person, institution and government body concerned with the free expression of the media, and the freedom of citizens to have access to public information and knowledge, not just in the OSCE area, but throughout the world.”

The Guidebook sets out the obligations of OSCE participating States regarding all aspects of the safety of journalists, and describes best practice for protecting press freedom and freedom of expression in democratic societies.

OSCE Safety of Journalists Guidebook

OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media