UN Inter-Agency Meeting prompts global media plans to monitor effectiveness of UN Action Plan on Safety of Journalists: William Horsley assesses the Vienna conference on BBC College of Journalism website.

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  • CFOM Presentation at the UN Inter-Agency Meeting on Safety of  Journalists in Vienna,  by William Horsley, International Director, Centre for Freedom of the Media
  • Gallery: CFOM presents London Statement to Janis Karklins, assistant Director-general of UNESCO on 22 November at start of the UN Vienna meeting
  • Why the global media community must engage with the UN’s initiative to create a safe environment for the work of journalists: CFOM International Director William Horsley writes on the BBC College of Journalism website
  • Speeches, texts and photos from the meeting on 22-23 November
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  • UN news service: 2012 is deadliest year on record; UN Plan responds to need for international action on journalists’  safety