The Centre for Freedom of the Media’s (CFOM) educational goals are in line with the Centre’s continued efforts to improve safety of journalists worldwide and illuminate where news media freedom is undermined. Our educational strategy aims to raise awareness among young and future journalists, and the public of the harsh reality that journalists and media face while reporting and investigating – daily work that can cost them their lives.

CFOM’s educational work has six principal goals:

Identify opportunities in the current journalism curriculum to embed content designed to highlight and explore threats to media freedom and dangers to journalism in different regions of the world.

Hold annual educational events to provide an opportunity for students to engage with, study and reflect on CFOM’s latest research output and advocacy efforts.

Create opportunities for public engagement with issues related to media freedom, freedom of expression, threats to reporting and the consequences of impunity.

Establish open online learning resources for journalism students and citizen journalists.

Provide a platform for journalists and media houses from different countries to share their journalism safety knowledge and experience with journalism students and the public.

Promote and assert ethically responsible journalism principles and practice.


Every year CFOM and the Department of Journalism Studies at the University of Sheffield organise the International Journalism Week (IJW). IJW aims to reinforce CFOM’s educational goals by inviting young and future journalists from within the department to attend a series of talks by practitioners, researchers and educators and participate in a series of activities and workshops over the course of the week.

International Journalism Week 2022

International Journalism Week 2022 brings together media research and practice from a global perspective, focusing on the threats faced by journalists worldwide. Find out more.

Students’ Corner

The Students’ Corner is a space to celebrate the achievements of students in their work related to media freedom. This includes the annual CFOM Media Freedom Student Group Project Award which honours outstanding student work on the situation of media freedom and its challenges in countries across the globe. Visit our Students’ Corner here.

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