CFOM members, Jackie Harrison, William Horsley and Stef Pukallus will participate in the multi-stakeholder Consultation on Strengthening the UN Action Plan on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity in Geneva on 29 June 2017.  CFOM, as a partner of UNESCO in advancing the implementation of the UN Action Plan, was invited to submit a report on the co-ordinated response from academia as well as to contribute to the response from civil society organisations.

Jackie Harrison, Chair of CFOM, will participate in a panel discussion with civil society organisations on 29th June as well as present insights from CFOM’s own data collection at a technical meeting on 28th June to help to analyse how UNESCO could broaden its global reporting on Sustainable Development Goal Proposed Indicator 16.10.1, Monitoring the adoption and implementation of constitutional, statutory and/or policy guarantees and mechanisms for public access to information.  The Consultation is organised by UNESCO and the UN Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner and brings together Member States, the UN, intergovernmental organisations, non-governmental organisations, media and professional associations and members of academia to assess their achievements, share best practices and identify key priorities.